Meet The Team

Rebecca James, Director of Community Programs and Partnerships

Becca (she/her) provides support and direction to the HCET Virtual Learning team. Additionally, she is the director of community programs and partnerships at HCET, where she oversees the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of HCET’s adolescent projects. Becca loves all things IU, the beach, the great outdoors, holidays, and quality time with her husband, two sons, and mini-goldendoodle.

Cara Berg Raunick, Director of Clinical Quality and Advancement


       Cara (she/her) leads continuous quality improvement efforts for virtual learning and ensures that all content is medically accurate. Dr. Berg Raunick is the director of clinical quality and advancement for HCET. She also authors clinical content for HCET Virtual Learning. As a doctor of nursing practice and a nurse practitioner, her clinical expertise includes family planning, sexual health, women’s health, trauma-informed care, and addiction medicine. Outside of work, she loves musical theater, spending time with friends and family, and watching her amazing daughter grow.

Jess Stienbarger, Project Manager


    Jess (she/her) provides quality assurance as a virtual learning content reviewer and developer. Jess is also a project manager at HCET, overseeing multiple adolescent health projects. She brings her knowledge and experience as a certified facilitator and trainer of multiple evidence-based curricula to the LMS team. She is passionate about reproductive justice, LBGTQ+ health, and ensuring youth have access to affirming and comprehensive sexual health education.


Lucy Nguyen, Training Manager for Virtual Learning


    Lucy (she/her) designs modules and provides technical support for the Virtual Learning platform. She has a unique lens on the team from her years of teaching and software testing. Lucy is working on a master’s degree in learning design and technology. She lives in a house full of children and chickens! In her free time, she loves being creative, making a range of items from elaborate cakes to the world’s coolest Halloween costumes.


Bailey Schroeder, Training Coordinator for Virtual Learning


    Bailey (she/her) provides administrative support for the virtual learning platform and supports the HCET Virtual Learning user experience. Bailey is pursuing a massage therapy license. Her colleagues look forward to her practicing at the office. In her free time, Bailey enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.